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ruth_sims's Journal

24 April 1939
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I'm the author of The Phoenix, a m/m love story (romance, if you prefer)and the just completed Counterpoint, which is wending its way through the publishing world as of August 2007. While I love short stories, I think they're harder to write than novels. I've lucked out and had two of them published, but novels are my first love.

I'm a slow writer. The Phoenix and Counterpoint were both begun in the '80's. (That's 1980's, not 1880's!)My love scenes are, I'm told, mild though they seem racy to me! What's important for me, with my characters, is the emotional and personal relationships, good, bad, and ugly.

Thought most of my stories are m/m oriented, not all of them are. If I live to be 185 I may actually get them all finished.

I'm a liberal Democrat, member of the ACLU, Lambda, P-FLAG, and other such groups. Most, but not all, of my friends share my views. I live in one of the most conservative, homophobic, fundamentalist Christian areas in the country. And I've been married 47 years to a conservative and my two kids are conservative. Needless to say, there are a lot of subjects we don't discuss. Especially my writing.

Go figure!

LJ frustrates me no end because of its slowness, but hopefully I'll be on here long enough to make friends.

3-inch heels., 80's rock, autobiographies histories, baking bread from scratch., being alone., biographies, books & movies, broadway, chocolate, deer, foxes, historical novels, jazz, johnny depp, live theatre, make me care, make me cry, marching band drumlines., meeting people one-on-one, music--romantic classics, my cat, my family (politics notwithstanding), my friends, my grandkids, orchestra, other writers, piano, putting the finishing touches, researching for my books, rewriting and revising, selling them., that make me laugh, violin, walking in the woods, word books