ruth_sims (ruth_sims) wrote,

Heroes? Really?

No parade for Iraq vets? But a ticker-tape parade for a bunch of over-muscled, pampered, over-paid  prima donnas (primo uomos?) in tight pants who get paid millions for fighting over a leather ball while wallowing in the mud, and butting their heads together while thousands of people in over-priced seats yell their lungs out?

The football parade would bug me under any circumstances, but when a parade for the military veterans was refused as "premature" by the Powers that Be---it really, really, really makes me want to scream.

Sports figures are not heroes. They're just men, a lot bigger, a lot richer, with bigger muscles and bigger egos than normal men. If some football player threw himself in front of a rampaging herd of elephants to save a puppy in the middle of a game, he'd be a hero. But it's not heroic in any sense of the word to go out and play a silly game in exchange for buckets of money and undeserved adulation. Of course there are, and have been, sports figures who have heroic natures,  men who could and would perform truly heroic deeds. But not while playing the game for which they are handsomely paid. Not for making millions of dollars for those with a financial stake in the outcome. (Or do we need to pass a cup for whoever owns whatever team lost? I don't even know--or care--who played.)

Not that anybody cares, but just for the record, I follow college basketball. You couldn't pay me to watch any pro sports event.
Tags: heroes, pro sports, super bowl, ticker tape parade

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