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3 new titles now available. The Pride Pack returns!

I posted a little about this earlier, but here's the entire skinny, since the three books are now available.

Long ago when I was young, I started a young adult mystery series for young teens for Sasha Alyson and his Alyson Publications. It was the fulfillment of a dream he’d had for a long time. When he asked me to do it, I protested that I didn’t write mysteries and didn’t even read them. He wanted me to do it anyway because he liked the way I write. And since he already had created the cast of characters and had the storylines for the first two books and the money was good (and needed!) I wasn’t stupid enough to say No. All I had to do was put the words down and make the characters come to life. The Pride Pack was set in a purposely vague section of the country, though mid-size-town Midwest was in my mind because that’s where I know best.  The youth center was also from my own background, the building was the conservative church I grew up in, refurbished. Sly, huh?

The first two books were published just before Sasha sold the company. The third and fourth books were written, edited, and covers were being designed when the new owners of Alyson decided to drop the majority of the books Sasha had published and contracted for. Thus came about the untimely end of the Pride Pack.

Or did it?

A year or so ago, Wayne Gunn, a well-known person in the mystery genre, asked me if I’d ever considered republishing them. Truth to tell, I hadn’t. He convinced me, charmer that he is, that it was a good idea because it had been the first mystery series attempt using gay teen protagonists. Before too long, Mark Probst of Cheyenne Publishing offered to publish the series. And today I learned that it’s available now, at least three-fourths of it, in both ebook format  and print! It’s listed on and other venues.
The manuscript for the fourth book has been lost. It was written on a word processor that was laid to rest long ago, and no hard copy can be found. Hopefully someday it will be.

Anyway, I’m not sure where the books are available at this moment, but I know they are on Amazon for the Kindle and also in print, and on All Romance EBooks  --

Here’s the best part. I am going to donate my royalties to the Trevor Project, so the more books that are sold, the more will go to a great cause. What better cause can there be than saving young lives from despair and suicide? Their official website is

I hope you’ll enjoy the series. I hope young teens will, even if it will be like reading about their great-grandparents, before texting and Facebook and phones that do everything but cook dinner.

Please pass the word and help the Trevor Project. Maybe post about the Pride Pack. Feel free to use any of the above.



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