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The Pride Pack and update from the phantom of LiveJournal

Hello all. I'm still alive and though I still can't see straight or read well, it looks like the outcome will ultimately be ok.

But that's not the reason for the post. If you read Erastes' latest post, you'll know about some very happy news. Cheyenne Publishing is bringing back The Pride Pack, a short-lived YA series of gay mysteries which I wrote for Sasha Alyson of  Alyson Publications many years ago. The pen name for the series was R. J. Hamilton--and I don't even remember where that came from.

Cheyenne Publishing is very generously paying for new artwork as well as publishing expenses. My royalties from the reissue of The Pride Pack will go directly to The Trevor Project, a worthy cause if there ever was one. The stories are geared to a younger audience than Josh Aterovis' Killian Kendall mysteries, but anyone could read them and enjoy them. They're set in the ancient times of the 1990's--no not one of the teen heroes has a Smart Phone or has ever sent a text message!!

Also, in case anyone remembers his name and is interested, Sasha Alyson is alive and well and living in Laos, where he publishes early reader books for children in their own language. Some of the children there have never had access to books before, and the few books they might have seen weren't nearly as much fun to read. The publishing company is called Big Brother Mouse. Google it. It's very interesting and shows a man dedicated to doing something that matters, for children in another culture. It will make you smile.

Sometimes we get so overwhelmed by the nastiness and rudeness, violence and stupidity surrounding us that we forget there are some really good people in the world!

Hope everyone is well.

I hope to post again soon.
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