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How now, sous chef?

I watch the Food Network more than anything else because I love to cook. (I'd damn well better. We just bought a huge French door bottom freezer refrigerator, a 5-burner gas cooktop, and a freakin' Cadillac of an oven.  I'm not bragging or rich. I've just cooked on old, old, old things for 40 years and everything just wore out!) Anyway, I kept hearing the term "sous chef."  I idly wondered what it was but was too lazy to look it up. Today I finally did and found an old post from 2008 that was really interesting, humorous, sharp, and informative. If you want to know about sous chefs or just read a more interesting post that I ever write, look it up. The link is:

I hope the author of it won't mind if I nick a few quotes from it:

"The sous chef is the seer of all things, taster of all mis en place, receptacle of all blame, babysitter, mother and father of all cooks, translator of all languages, orderer of all goods, trainer of all below and herder of all above in rank. The sous chef is therapist, dominatrix, Priest, coach, coxswain and Captain."

"If you can't see beyond the space between your own eyebrows, you're not a sous chef. ... A sous chef has eyes in the back of his head. She gets to the kitchen before anyone else and leaves last. He has lists upon lists and he's translated them all into Spanish too. A sous chef is the chef whether her chef backs her or not. Too scared to stand up to your chef? You're still a line cook."

The final quote should apply to all of us no matter what kind of work we're doing or what kind of life we're living:

"Consider yourself a vehicle for one very hard life lesson. You may have to crash into the same wall over and over to learn it, but it's there for each of us to learn, if we choose to."

Hey -- did I actually just write a genuine blog? Well.. close, maybe.

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